Our vision

The success of an operation can be summed up in a few key points which must give a sense of the action.

We firmly believe that the main risk to the smooth running of a project are mutual misunderstandings between the parties (investors, users, developers, architects, engineers, companies, etc.).

Our success lies in our empathic approach in everything we do. We iron out misunderstandings by thoroughly taking in the issues, expectations, vocabulary and role of every person involved.

Our integrating approach is based on listening, analysing, technical skill and judgment with the utmost attention to our clients’ goals.

We are establishing ourselves at an objective leader, honest and fair, whose legitimacy is based on technical skill, proactive behaviour and clear-headed arbitration.

This empathetic approach by our business lines is illustrated by the diverse professional profiles of the people who make up our company. It is this multidisciplinary diversity and vision that unites us as a company, to strive to satisfy our clients’ expectations, and prove that the biggest profits come from working together.

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Sustainable development

As a key player in construction, a sector particularly exposed to greenhouse gas emission reduction measures, Builders & Partners is naturally committed to protecting the environment and resources.

This aspect is more than just a specialist field for our multidisciplinary teams, it is an integral part of our project management vision, like the cost, quality and time trio.

Whether you need technical advice, project management assistance or project management:

  • We develop technical and economic models in a variety of fields such as:
    • Energy efficiency (constructive performance of the external structure, system efficiency, smart-grid integration),
    • Renewable energies,
    • Water purification, CO2 treatment,
    • Reduction in environmental impact over the whole life cycle by studying and choosing clean, economical and potentially innovative construction processes.
  • We are always coming up with new ideas to give economic and functional relevance to environmentally-friendly buildings that are paving the way to true energy autonomy.

In the search for harmony between all these performance criteria and associated solutions, Builders & Partners offers its maximum added value.


innovation The world of construction, like many economic sectors, is undergoing profound change on many levels.

    Firstly, on a “client” level, the needs of users are constantly evolving, with ever increasing demand for performance and attractiveness, leading us to constantly call into question the products to be built or renovated.
    Next, on a macroeconomic level, the growth of the metropolitan way of life, combined with the scarcity of land available and the necessary competitiveness, is forcing the construction and property sectors to innovate to reduce costs while densifying and improving the living environment in towns and cities.
    Lastly, the burgeoning notion of “world citizenship” is inviting all those involved in society to act for the common good, in particular to work together to build more sustainable development. So building must be reinvented yet again.Ill-conceived out-and-out innovation may be a risky business but the constant replication of unchanging solutions is a dead-end for today’s projects.
    That’s why our concept of engineering is to reflect, create, discover, compare, analyse and adapt technologies as much as possible in response to the issues of each project. Creating links between the various techniques to form the most effective tools is the very essence of our business. Promoting what, in our opinion, will improve the lives of the men and women of tomorrow is our duty.
In the short term, one of the best illustrations of Builders & Partners’ investment in innovation is the creation of Syntesia, in 2013. A company specialising in BIM Management (Building Information Modelling), which has brought about a true (r)evolution in the approach to construction.

Mécénat et Partenariats

Il nous semble qu’une entreprise doit, dès sa création et à la mesure de ses moyens, accompagner son développement d’actions d’intérêt général, concourant au développement durable. Les domaines d’intervention sont nombreux, tels que l’urgence humanitaire et l’aide au développement, le lien social et l’accompagnement vers l’emploi, la protection de l’environnement et de la biodiversité.

Builders & Partners supports the Baroudeurs de l’Espoir organisation

This NGO was founded in 2014 to help victims of armed conflicts and other violent situations, to participate in the reconstruction of war-torn countries and provide humanitarian aid in emergencies and situations of desperate need.

Mostly, the organisation’s actions involve programmes providing initial emergency aid in terms of medicine, food and sanitation and programmes caring for children deprived of school, through education, instruction and health initiatives.

To find out more about the Baroudeurs de l’Espoir, visit the organisation’s website.

LES BAROUDEUR DE L’ESPOIR: 92, rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris

Builders & Partners, partner of the Venezia exhibition: Scomparsa at the Wilmotte Foundation

The Wilmotte Foundation is presenting a vision of Venice by the photographer Frédéric Delangle, from 11 May to 26 November 2017 during the Contemporary Art Biennale. Overwhelmingly light or overwhelmingly dark, the 36 original prints being presented will reshape your perception of one of the most photographed cities in the world.

For more information about the Wilmotte Corporate Foundation, visit the organisation’s website.

Wilmotte Foundation Gallery: Fondaco Degli Angeli – Fondamenta dell’Abbazia – Cannaregio 3560 – 30121 Venezia

Builders & Partners supports the Giacometti Foundation

The Alberto et Annette Giacometti Foundation is an institution whose purpose is protecting, disseminating and promoting the works of Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966).

The Foundation holds the world’s largest permanent collection of the works of Alberto Giacometti, with 5,000 works to which new acquisitions are regularly added.

To learn more about the Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation, visit the foundation’s website.

Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation: 3 bis cour de Rohan  75006 Paris